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EXCLAIMExploratory Climate Land Assessment and Impact Management (illustrative computer program)
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"Good," she exclaimed, approaching the table, "she has taken part of her draught; the glass is three-quarters empty."
"That Nicholl is not a man," exclaimed Michel; "he is a chronometer with seconds, an escape, and eight holes."
"In that case," exclaimed Athos, "let us not lose an instant, but set off."
``Seem there no other leaders?'' exclaimed the anxious enquirer.
"By George, I'm itching to let them have it!" exclaimed Kennedy.
Rousing myself from my reverie I turned the glass Northward for the last time in the old Millennium; and in the act, I exclaimed aloud, "The boy is a fool."
"Let the Frenchman and all his host go to the devil, sir!" exclaimed the hasty veteran.
At that moment Bérangère de Champchevrier, a slender little maid of seven years, who was peering into the square through the trefoils of the balcony, exclaimed, "Oh!
"Please don't!" she exclaimed. "I have come to see you--on business!"
"Ah!" exclaimed De Guiche, coldly, "and what do you bring me?"
"Now that's my door, all right," Mary exclaimed, carefully putting her wools away, as a succession of knocks reverberated unnecessarily, accompanied by a sound of people stamping their feet and laughing.
Crashing down a final chord with her left hand, she exclaimed at last, swinging round upon him: