EXCOMExecutive Committee
EXCOMExtended Communications Search (US DoD)
EXCOMDistrict Executive Committee
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The second change will be that in the following year, when I become President, I will have only one choice for Vice President instead of two; this will reduce the EXCOM by two members.
Every year there is normally a March EXCOM meeting, which, again for cost and logistic reasons, is now held at the SPE Headquarters in Brookfield, Connecticut.
The proposed redesigned budget structure was not adopted at the 2007 EXCOM due to ongoing concerns from some member states; UNHCR is actively consulting member states with the aim of presenting a viable new budget structure at the 2008 EXCOM meetings.
He thanked the EXCOM and the BOD for their support during his term and summarized what he felt were the major accomplishments during the two years.
Your EXCOM and board are working diligently to structure the plan that will move the AOC organization into the next millennium.
Ransom has been with Alcatel for eight years, most recently as CTO and a member of its governing EXCOM.
Officials from TechnoPark will present a strategic Work Plan for the Middle East and Africa Region at the EXCOM and RFP meeting.
134) As EXCOM is based on art 4 of the UNCHR is based on art 4 of the UNCHR Statute and forms part of the institutional framework created by the Statute no amendments to the Convention would be needed: Walter Kalin, above n21 at 34.
The EXCOM provides management, policy guidance and program approval for all DOD development and acquisition programs for hardware simulators, emitters, software simulations, hybrid representations and surrogates of threat weapon systems.
I expect the Sair Linux and GNU Certification to be very popular throughout the world," said Gramne Newey, director of education at EXCOM Education Pty.
Despite the lack of academic interest in the work of the Executive Committee of the Program of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (EXCOM), there is arguably no forum that is more important in terms of international refugee protection than the annual EXCOM sessions.