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EXCPExecute Channel Program
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To this end, I included dummy variables for CPNEVER and EXCP.
51) CPNEVER -16927(**) (7324) EXCP 10155(*) (6505) STATE92 1703.
APPENDIX DEFINITIONS OF THE VARIABLES STATE92 Dummy variable for whether enterprise was state-owned in 1992 PAYRATE Earnings per hour (rubles) COMP Average monthly compensation (rubles) HIED Dummy for whether the union leader had higher education AGE Age of union leader AGESQ AGE*AGE GENDER 0 = male, 1 = female CPNEVER Dummy for whether respondent was ever a member of the Communist Party CPCUR Dummy for whether respondent is currently a member of the Communist Party (or a successor body) EXCP For those who were (are) in the Communist Party, a dummy for whether they have quit the party.