ExDExcellence Delivered (Pakistan)
ExDExternal Display
ExDExact Duplicate
ExDExecutive Director
ExDExternal Device
ExDExhaust Direct
ExDEthyl Xanthogen Disulfide
ExDExpected Departure (immigration)
ExDExperiência Discovery
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Lastly, we make a comparison of research findings based on Dictatorship and Democratic regimes in which BSIZE, BIND, EXD, BM and BDIV were found to have variations in coefficients in both regimes.
In empirical literature, it is inconclusive whether adding an EXD to the corporate board entrench incumbent management teams or to enhance board effectiveness.
Flexicon now has a broad range of new products suitable for hazardous environments, all of which are detailed within the guide, including: Stainless steel EXD fittings; NPT threaded EXD fittings; 90deg EXD fittings; 45deg EXD fittings; EXD fittings for braided conduit; EXD thread converters; EXD stopping plugs; Low fire hazard liquid tight conduit - LTPLFH; Anti-static liquid tight conduit - LTPAS; Anti-static polyurethane coated liquid tight conduit - LTPPUAS.
Bahrain's EXD is already pricing in a downgrade to junk.
We find Dubai's EXD at tight spreads given still-high leverage and refinancing challenges and we expect the local bid on the shorter-end to weaken due to low oil prices and supply risk.