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EXEC PRODUCERS: Josh Pate (writer), Rodes Fishburne (writer), Tony Krantz, Drew Comlns, Don Johnson
EXEC PRODUCERS: Soo Hugh (writer, co-EP), Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Dawn Olmstead
As long as we believe that senior execs should define how we view utility, corporate communication is doing great
Interim execs should be distinguished from consultants: "We're focused on delivering, not analyzing," points out interim CEO Brian Wygle, a network member who found his current CEO gig via the network.
We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many talented, reputable, and knowledgeable subject matter experts in our community," said Chad McDaniel, President of Execs In The Know.
The Execs In The Know Advisory Board is a group of the top executives in customer care, from many of today's prominent brands, across various industry verticals.
Longtime current exec VP Ted Frank was among the top-level execs let go in what was deemed around the Peacock as "Black Monday.
But HBO Sports topper Ross Greenburg and other execs have resisted, feeling it would tarnish boxing and the rest of the HBO brand.
What's happening to small-screen execs is not unlike the situation scribes have found themselves in over the past five years.
It was a puzzle at the time: Many top execs at Bravo, which reaches 71 million homes, didn't seek other jobs when NBC bought Bravo last November and installed its own people under new prexy Jeff Gaspin.
Unlike the newly minted Eye chairman and CEO, an unusually large number of network and studio execs find themselves on the bubble as the frenzied development rush of late spring draws to a close.
While none of these suits will be signing up for free government cheese anytime soon, this year's big TV headlines -- the collapse of ATG, downsizing at Columbia TriStar Television and consolidation at shops like CBS and UPN--means there is a sizable number of big-time execs already (or soon to be) collecting unemployment checks.