EXEVALExternal Evaluation
EXEVALExercise Evaluation
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The strategy addresses the unit's mission-essential task list (METL) core competencies and prepares the unit for its EXEVAL by stressing its ability to synchronize materiel management, sustain distribution, and execute sustainment warfighting function requirements at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.
The Army Training Summit II identified a need for a technical and functional CPX as a ramp-up event before the unit's EXEVAL. The functional and multifunctional brigades and commands should conduct a CPX--F specifically focused on exercising their functional systems and processes prior to a mission command-focused WFX, the primary culminating training event.
The EXEVAL provided the platoons with the opportunity to immerse themselves into maneuver battalion operations.
The Florida CERFP EXEVAL was conducted by a joint evaluation team formed from the Joint Interagency Training and Education Center and the U.S.
Following the EXEVAL, the opportunity to work with CCMRF and the integrated operations of FEMA, CBIRF, and JTF 781 as part of Operation Integration has underscored the importance of collective capabilities and the mantra of "One Team--One Fight."
The lack of experience since then made planning the 2002 EXEVAL difficult.
Planning and conducting intense training for an MSB EXEVAL is nearly impossible because MSB personnel are constantly on the move providing support to the forward support battalion or to a combat maneuver training center.
Tables VI/VII: Company Collective Training (Brigade Integration) and Company Validation (EXEVAL).
Cadre proficiency is measured in performance of these collective tasks during the Squad EXEVAL and provides a real assessment of training rather than the statistics used in the past.
Another highlighted exercise was the Company's EXEVALS. For an entire week, the company provided its daily post support as well as conducting tactical training while under the scrutiny of XVIII Airborne Corps Evaluators.
Following the reset phase of the unit's Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) cycle, all of the troops from 4th Squadron began a collective training regimen, which spanned from individual tasks such as basic rifle marksmanship and crew-level Stryker gunnery, through a series of platoon- and troop-level live-fire exercises and external evaluations (EXEVALS).
Course instructors also provide observer/ controller (OC) support for LRS rotations at the Joint Readiness Training Center, and unit-run EXEVALs. Units can request MTT and OC support through the U.S.