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When the call came, we learned that the planned exfil HLZ was fouled and that the team had shifted about 200 yards to another HLZ (which would fit the four aircraft).
Once the team gave the exfil call, the flight of four helos headed inbound to land.
One section from Blue Platoon and I would dismount in the square, and then enter and clear the IA HQ building, facilitating the exfil of IA personnel.
The IA battalion commander said he wanted to hold the terrain and not exfil. Although I wanted to hold the key terrain as well, the situation did not allow it.
The 40mm grenades were used to cut off the enemy exfil routes and reach behind their covered positions.
We did not know how long he would be there and had only a few hours until the battalion exfil. Rather than cancel or delay the battalion's air exfil, or risk this HVI leaving the area, we used two bongo trucks to transport an element to the target house.
Leaders must know what indirect fire targets they can call at all times, and they must know what routes they can send different elements on to prevent enemy exfil. Throughout the chase, leaders must maintain command and control of these elements who are often moving in many directions.
Exfil is the time when the sniper team is most vulnerable, especially after a compromise.
Mission, routes to and from the sniper position, exfil and extraction gates, target area, frequency and call signs, recognition signals, and our communication SOP were covered.
However, contact was made on a number of occasions during exfil. Contacts during movement were treated as a battle drill.
Come back later and exfil one leaving one in place.