EXGExtraordinary Gentlemen
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Os resultados encontrados no presente estudo indicam similaridade entre os metodos de avaliacao fisica funcional o que pode favorecer a utilizacao do EXG estudado para acompanhamento do programa de exercicio fisico.
Alem disso, sensacoes como prazer, bem-estar e autonomia tem sido identificadas apos a utilizacao do EXG (Limperos e Schmierbach, 2016).
While the moderately priced EXG employs a single-loop design, the MXG uses a tripleloop synthesizer to deliver phase noise performance of -146 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset, enabling it to provide the signals needed to test aerospace/defense enhanced radar designs.
(Total 128 Sots) Sub Work IV- Alnavar-Gadag Section:- Renewal of Exg 52/60 kg (1 in 12) Wornout CMS crossings with new CMS crossings Total-25 Nos
Tenders are invited for Estimate for Renovation of exg. damaged cement flooring and allied civil works for special maintenance repair bay at Thimmavaram 110 KVSS premises.
Tenders are invited for Provn of additional loop at Tadikalapudi on DKJ-BDCR section, SW-II: TTR(Rails):- Through turnout rails renewal of Exg.60kg switches, lead rails and crossings in running lines with new 60kg curved switches, lead rails and CMS crossings for a total Sets of 1 in 12=35 sets(60kg), 1 in 16=1sets(60kg) at various stations and TFR:- Through renewal fittings on PSC sleeper track at various locations under Sr.DEN/South/SC jurisdiction.
Tenders are invited for Gauge Conversion Between Mdu-Bdnk Section : Proposed Construction Of Br.No.126 At Km.55/15-56/1 (Exg 4 X6.10G) As 3 X 12.20M I Type Psc Girder And Br.No.135 At Km.
Sub Work - 2: Ballari- Ravdurqa Section Proposed replacements of exg. Steel girder of span 4x6,10m with jacketing to abutments and piers for Br.
Tenders Are Invited For Dhone-Guntakal (Single Line) Section: Proposed Complete Track Renewal (Primary ) Of Exg. 52Kg/90Uts Rails On Psc-5 Sleepers M+7 Density With New 60Kg/90Uts Rails (Lwr) On New Psc-6 Sleepers 1660 Nos/Km Density Between Km.297.00 To 303.300, Km.306.100 To Km.319.560 And Km.322.000 To 323.600 For A Total Length Of 21.360 Kms (Pqrs Method) Between Dhone And Edduladoddi Stations.
Tenders Are Invited For Pagidipalli - Nadikudi Section (SL) (i) CTR(P) of exg 52kg/90 UTS rails on PSC5 sleepers M+7 density with new 60kg/90UTS rails(LWR) on new PSC 6 sleepers 1660Nos/Km including recoupment and increasing of ballast cushion to 35 cm and deep screening of ballast from Km 65.360-67.300 for a total length of 1.94 kms (ii) TRR (P) of exg 52kg/90UTS rails on PSC6 sleepers 1660 Nos/km with new 60kg/90UTS rails (LWR) from Km.69.850-73.000
Tenders are invited for Doubling Of Track Between Ampalapuzha And Haripad - Repairs And Renovation Of Exg Camp Office At Trivandrum.