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EXINExamination Institute for Information Science
EXINExternal Input
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US investor, Calamos Family Partners has said that it has sued Netherlands-based EXIN Financial Services Holdings, according to Reuters.
The Exin Technology will enhance the functionality of conventional headphones significantly.
Focusing on EXIN neurons, which they created themselves in recent years, they introduce, explain, and analyze them and compare them to the other neural approaches.
III, 28, 2: exin continua per viginti annos discordia, non mos, non ius; deterrima quaeque impune ac multa honesta exitio fuere, nel cui accenno all'intervallo ventennale delle guerre civili deve leggersi il riferimento al periodo 48-29 a.
36 [micro]m in diameter, with a very simple exin ornamentation (Figs.
Scott McKibben, who was named chief executive of the Fang-controlled ExIn LLC in September, will be the president and publisher of the Examiner and the Independent.
Similarly, in the dressing scene of the Mostellaria, Philematium's statements can be read as parodying the concerns of a young bride, as, for example, when she answers Scapha's worries about what they will live on, should Philolaches abandon her: ut fama est homini, exin solet pecuniam invenire.
Florence Fang is chairwoman of the Examiner's corporate parent and the family business, ExIn LLC.
Florence Fang, who is chairwoman of ExIn LLC, the company that owns a number of publications run by her family, removed her second-oldest son as Examiner publisher and took over the post herself Oct.
EXIN Australia, a Brisbane-based company which manufactures light-weight building panels, has secured Taiwan's Kingsen International as its first overseas distribution agent.