EXJAMExpendable Jammer
EXJAMExpendable Jamming System
EXJAMEx Junior Air Men (US Air Force)
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In the case of each contractor, this has meant reaping the benefits of existing technology and past developments: Litton's LR-100, for example, takes its software from a number of other programs, including the company's work on the Navy's EA-6B ADVCAP receiver/processor group and the A-12 ESM targeting device; NAWCADI's CEAP evolved from its SMARTV jammer and from the Army's Exjam program.
According to information provided by the NAWCADI, the CEAP is a third-generation design that evolved from the Exjam (for information on the Exjam and other [C.sup.2]W jamming programs, see this month's cover story on p.
The hand-em-placed EXJAM being developed by AVW is a communications jammer designed to cover the entire communication frequency range.