EXOPExecutive Office of The President
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La propuesta de valor (medida a traves de las variables LIDPROD, EXOP y RECLI) no es un factor discriminante para los clusters obtenidos en funcion de la relacion CGC-GI.
(%) MINIMO/MAXIMO TOTAL MUEBLE TOTAL MUEBLE TOTAL MUEBLE MUESTRA MUESTRA MUESTRA LIDPROD 72.36 76.60 27% 25% 0/100 25/100 EXOP 75.92 75.74 18% 19% 37/100 37/100 RECLI 76.71 77.77 26% 25% 25/100 25/100 Fuente: Elaboracion propia.
With regard to the strategy option (product leadership: LIDPROD, operational excellence: EXOP, and customer intimacy: RECLI), the sampled companies reveal there is no clear preference (see Table 6) for any of the mentioned options, either in the total sample, or in the furniture sector.
The value proposal (measured using variables LIDPROD, EXOP and RECLI) is not a discriminant factor in the clusters obtained when based upon the relationship CGC-GI.
In addition, it now has a budding telecom business, having forged affiliations with partners ExOp of Missouri Inc., Everest Communications Corp., and Quanta Services Inc.