EXORDExecute Order
EXORDExecutive Order
EXORDExercise Order
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Initial results indicate that the EXORD is achieving the desired intent.
36) An EXORD is, "an order to initiate military operations as
The lesson of the Superferry could be applied every day of the year with all watercraft and terminal units on an EXORD versus a DEPORD model.
4) ALARACT 063/20i4, "FRAGO 1 to HQDA EXORD 0i0-i3 ISO THE HQDA FYi3-i5 Active Component Manning Guidance (ACMG)," March 20i4.
The purpose of the conference was for the FORSCOM commander to hear how each of his subordinate commanders planned to implement his EXORD guidance and to outline how the cuts to OMA would affect the Army's combat forces stationed in the continental United States.
EXORD 228-13: Continuation of Operations (EXORD, FRAGO 1-10, Annex)
3) All Army Activities (ALARACT) message 293/2012, "HQDA EXORD 10-12 ISO the HQDA FY13-15 Active Component Manning Guidance," Pentagon Telecommunications Center, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, D.
of the Army, subject: ALARACT 293/2012, HQDA EXORD 10-13 ISO the HQDA FY13-15 Active Component Manning Guidance [hereinafter ALARACT 293/2012].
The CJCS EXORD directed that JTF-H provide, among other things "food, water, clothing, medicine, beds and bedding, temporary shelter, and housing.