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Players Profiled: Cascade Designs, Klymit, Multimat, Exped, Vango, Gossamer Gear, BlackWolf, Big Agnes, ALPS Mountaineering & Eastern Mountain Sports
Exped., 1 square till 20th April." The Records of the Library of Congress, "C.
exped. Los Angeles, California: California Press, Los Angeles.
Thome (MCN 0019); 1 juvenile, Barra do Quarai [30[degrees]23'S, 56[degrees]27'W], 20 February 1974 (MZUSP); 1 juvenile, km 211, Pelotas [31[degrees]46'S, 52[degrees]20'W], 28 July 1965, Exped. CDZ (MZUSP).
Paul Raison, an exped in old master paintings at Christie's, said: "He went off to hunt in a cupboard in another room, and fetch the proverbial brown envelope--and out of it came this wonderful thing.
366th Ftr Gp (Gunfighters, Ftr Bomb Wing, Tac Ftr Wing, Air Exped Wing): Jean Pennington (425) 774-7504; mkjeanpennington@juno.com
Involving the military in public security may set an unfortunate precedent by blurring the line between military and police roles, but it may on balance be less harmful than exped ient approaches to police development that result in unreformed, abusive police institutions in the long run.
Judaism, for example, has no concept of inborn sinfulness, "even though the Jewish people were exped to the creation story [of Adam and Eve over] a thousand years before Christians were.
Mollusc associations determined by cluster analysis of the presence or absence of species in dredge samples recovered from Exped ition Fiord and Jorgen Bronlund Fjord.