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= [[alpha].sub.0] + [[[alpha].sup.*].sub.1] EDUC + [[[alpha].sup.*].sub.2] EXPER
Goodman, with former Swfte president Irwin Bransky, has filed a suit alleging breach of contract, fraud, and other allegations surrounding Exper's acquisition of Swfte on Nov.
They contribute to discussions and bring their local knowledge and exper tise.
Dr David Holmes, senior psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: "We each exper ience an average of 10 major happy days a year, but none is happier than January 31, or Happy Monday."
Exper t s at McTea r's Auctioneers in Glasgow bel ieve pol itical interest stirred up by the general election helped bump up the price from pounds 350 to pounds 1300.
Used Car Exper t.com checks to make: 9 Guide price: A 2001 4.2TD will have done around 70,333 miles and should be around pounds 14,491-pounds 15,752.
Weather exper ts have confirmed that June was the wettest since records began.
The viewer becomes a performer again in Opgenorth's exper iment with anamorphism, visual matter presented such that it can only be "correctly" discerned when seen from an extremely oblique angle.
She could give birth any time in the next two weeks, according to exper ts.
"Tuda will compete with J o h n n y Kempton in the Coagh g o a l , h i s wealth of exper i e n c e w i l l without doubt bring an extra level of professionalism to our young squad, and we look forward to working with Tuda over this season," added the spokesman.
The others being held are computer exper t Baba r Ahmad, who has been in jail without trial for nearly six years, and British nationals Haroon Rashid Aswat and Seyla Talha Ahsan.