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EXPERTExpert Platform for Engineering Research and Trials (Berne, Switzerland)
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I was training a crowd of ignorant folk into experts -- experts in every sort of handiwork and scientific calling.
That less expert mortals should require fuller indications was beyond Sweet's patience.
Aristotle's Politics, then, is a handbook for the legislator, the expert who is to be called in when a state wants help.
The women are equally expert with the men in managing the canoe, and generally take the helm.
Now and then, not often, the signal lamps flash too quickly for these expert phonists.
It is a very cold scent upon which the Metropolitan expert is generally asked to run.
"Perfectly," Aynesworth answered; "I still think, however, that much the wiser course would be to send an expert to the mine first."
The viceroy attended us closely with his little army, but had been probably not much more secure than we, his force consisting only of foot, and the Galles entirely of horse, a service at which they are very expert. Our apprehensions at last proved to be needless, for the troops we saw were of a nation at that time in alliance with the Abyssins.
Nor did Bennett Greene, expert in military executions, ever again signify his presence at one.
It is true that I have never had a case, and have had to earn a poor living for twenty years as an expert accountant in a town where I can't get a hold of a set of books to untangle as often as I should like.
For not to speak of his readiness in ordinary duties: --repairing stove boats, sprung spars, reforming the shape of clumsy-bladed oars, inserting bull's eyes in the deck, or new tree-nails in the side planks, and other miscellaneous matters more directly pertaining to his special business; he was moreover unhesitatingly expert in all manner of conflicting aptitudes, both useful and capricious.
The squire who owned the hounds was highly pleased with the arrival of his brother squire and sportsman; for all men approve merit in their own way, and no man was more expert in the field than Mr Western, nor did any other better know how to encourage the dogs with his voice, and to animate the hunt with his holla.
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