EXPLANExercise Plan
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Ford and Heartsfield explan that their EMRs are backed up daily, and if it takes time for them to be reloaded into the system, they have a policy to move to paper backups in case of a power outage or data loss.
explain explain it was an explan not a now putting on a coat and leaves
Twelve panels in the exhibition examine a separate theme and explan the mehndi art form.
(hours) work Housework work Housework Explan. var.: Intercept -389.28 460.60 -1089.75 472.17 Non-labor income 2.44 -0.90 -0.81 ns -2.09 Own after-tax -68.56 -19.27 423.67 -191.69 hourly wage rt.
We also assessed the strength of the patterns and themes by examining outliers (e.g., smaller plans, plans reporting significant enhancements to their quality improvement efforts), searching for negative or disconfirming evidence, and testing rival explan ations.
We collude with these filmmakers by allowing them to assuage our fears about violence through their invention of a simplistic etiology to explan serial killers, and an equally simplistic solution to rid society of them.
(Certified coins with pictures were still 19.2% below retail.) These results suggest that while the information asymmetry which discourages buyers is an important explan ation for low internet prices relative to dealer prices, other factors such as the reduction in transactions costs for internet deals account for the bulk of the differential.
The Freethinker does not deny the experiences-without the qualifying "spiritual"--but he submits there is another and more rational explan ation at hand.
While it is true that Ericsson and Kintsch's goal was not to offer a detailed theory of chess expertise but to show how LTWM could account for data from a large variety of domains, it is also true that without the kind of specifications just mentioned, it is simply impossible to evaluate the LTWM explan ation of chess expertise--or for other domains.
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