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On Explo '72, see George Kimber, "Explo 72--Oh Wow!" Evangelical Visitor, Aug.
Last month, Sexton pulled together local, state and federal government officials so the public could quiz them about the plans to get rid of the explosives once belonging to bankrupt Explo Systems, Inc.
WHO'S HOT: Bakary Sako is still Wolves' most potent goal threat but has struggled to recreate his explo sive early-season form.
[UKPRwire, Thu Nov 06 2014] While we see a provisional uptick in oil and gas production in the UK from 2016/2017 onwards based on projects in the pipeline , the long-term trend remains one of stagnation given falling volumes from mature fields , a lack of significant new discoveries and increasing explo ration, production and operational costs in the region at a time when oil companies are seeking Capex cuts.
On November 19, 2010, a total of 29 people died in a methane explo sion in the Pike River coal mine near Greymouth, New Zealand.
Automatic gunfire, Improvised Explo sive Devices (IEDs) and detonating car bombs could be heard, and often even felt, exploding nearby day and night close to Shield.
Fairlie, "The numerical simulation of high explosives using AUTODYN-2D &3D," in Proceedings of the Institute of Explosive Engineers 4th Biannual Symposium (Explo '98), 1998.
Drilling plans over the next 12 months include 15 - 17 wells, nine of which will be appraisal wells, one an explo ration well and five to seven production wells.
Explo ring the impact of mentoring functions on job satisfaction and organizational commitment of new staff nurses.
Stowe's main topics include Explo '72 (a music festival and conference also known as "Godstock"); the hit musicals Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell; Christian soul musicians; race and the movement; sexuality, marriage, and divorce in the movement; major musical artists (Larry Norman, Keith Green, 2nd Chapter of Acts); Bob Dylan's conversion; and how evangelicals contributed to both the election and defeat of Jimmy Carter.
El dialogo se convertiria asi, en un medio de desplegar las diferencias para la explo racion y formacion del yo.
The other contributors, the Bhreatnachs, Julie Brazil, Paul Delaney and Alice Binchy, bring the perspectives of literary and linguistic analysis to bear, as well as further archival explo rations.