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Drilling plans over the next 12 months include 15 - 17 wells, nine of which will be appraisal wells, one an explo ration well and five to seven production wells.
Explo ring the impact of mentoring functions on job satisfaction and organizational commitment of new staff nurses.
Stowe's main topics include Explo '72 (a music festival and conference also known as "Godstock"); the hit musicals Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell; Christian soul musicians; race and the movement; sexuality, marriage, and divorce in the movement; major musical artists (Larry Norman, Keith Green, 2nd Chapter of Acts); Bob Dylan's conversion; and how evangelicals contributed to both the election and defeat of Jimmy Carter.
El dialogo se convertiria asi, en un medio de desplegar las diferencias para la explo racion y formacion del yo.
Em um caso e em outro houve larga explo racao e exportacao para a Europa, onde se utilizaram intensamente esses corantes.
The other contributors, the Bhreatnachs, Julie Brazil, Paul Delaney and Alice Binchy, bring the perspectives of literary and linguistic analysis to bear, as well as further archival explo rations.
Essa substancia e extremamente inflamavel e, descoberta por volta de 1845, foi inicialmente usada para a fabricacao de explo sivos.
During a period when she was without an Army appointment, she offered her services to Campus Crusade for Christ in Korea, which was preparing for EXPLO '74, a mass training program that would bring together over 300,000 believers from virtually all denominations for training in evangelism.
As might be expected, contemporary architecture is scantily represented, but German del Sol's Explo ra Hotel (AR February 1999), a modern tourist estancia that responds to the distinctive culture and spirit of Atacama, is one notable exception.
The fourth chapter explo res the questions to be asked in order to investigate textures of organizing and organizational life.
In sum, information about multiple risks in insurance is often available and should be explo ited much more in the future.
A third limitation of the present explo ratory study concerns the statistically significant audio presentation sequence effect revealed in the data analyses.