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Though no hypothesis involving FMB and EXPT was found in past studies, the fact that employees take actions to avoid reaching the threshold level at which an ego damaging negative feedback is given, as identified by Larson (1989), supports a likely positive relationship between FAB and EXPT.
Altogether, ~25% of all possible measurement opportunities (eight per day) in Expts 1 and 3 were missed through heat, rainfall, equipment removal for planting or harvesting, or equipment servicing or breakdown.
In both Expts 1 and 2, there were significant interactions (P [less than or equal to] 0.
The Manawatu soil for Expts A and B came from 2 different batches, obtained from 2 nearby locations in the same orchard.
The basic design was as for Expts 1 and 2, in that primes were either presented in Lag 3 or Lag 1 position, and control conditions were again incorporated.
However, this reason is not sufficient on its own, because in Expts 1D and 2D there is not much difference in concentration between cycles 2 and 3.
In summary, together with the previous results, the attentional demand view cannot explain the pattern of results in Expts 1 and 2.
We have established that there is maximum priming between a stimulus and itself (whole face to whole face in Expt 1, part face to the same part face in Expts 2 and 3), with lesser, but still significant, priming from a part to the whole (Expt 1) or from one part to a different part (Expts 2 and 3).
Since neither quantity nor quality of recall differs between Expts 1 and 2, these factors cannot explain the differing levels of congruence between judgement and recall observed in the two experiments.
Differences in path strengths also accounted for most of the differences in ratings between the groups of subjects in Expts 1 and 2.
In Expts 2 and 3 we show that an important contribution to semantic priming effects is made by associative relatedness, rather than category membership per se.