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The residual availability of fluid MAP fertiliser applied in Expt 2 was tested by measuring early growth of canola using the intact soil cores and moisture treatments of Expt 2 (all [sup.32]P now decayed to background).
Initial samples of urchins (34 in Expt I and 25 in Expt II) were taken for analysis.
This design was adopted in Expt 2, which involved control and description conditions (the title condition was omitted).
USDA Forest Serv., North eastern Forest Expt. Sta., Bromall, Pa.
In all three experiments, early fecundity was the sum of eggs laid on days 4-14 after eclosion: 14-24 days after birth at 25 [degrees] C and 12-22 days after birth at 29.5 [degrees] C in Expts. I and IV; 13-23 days after birth at 25 [degrees] C and 11-21 days after birth at 29.5 [degrees] C in Expt.
Nitrogen uptake by the wheat and barley in Expts 1 and 2 was not affected by N fertiliser, whereas in Expt 3, N fertiliser resulted in significantly higher crop N uptake (Table 1).
In Expt 1 the water stopped flowing from the PAM-treated bays at 480 min despite the water siphons being removed from the paddock after the same time period for all 4 irrigation bays.
For these reasons, in Expt 1, speeded naming instructions were used, and errors were the main dependent variable.
For Expt 1, the primary root (of the large-seeded species) was scanned separately from its lateral roots to digitally measure its mean diameter, [D.sub.R], and total length, [L.sub.R], using a high-resolution scanner (600 dpi) combined with WinRhizo image analysis software (v.