EXSAExhibition Association of Southern Africa
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Moving forward, Exsa will continue expanding its scope, offering specialized blasting services for construction and non-production activities, and leveraging its brand-new initiation systems plant in Peru: "This is the only new plant built in the region for more than 20 years, so the gulf in technology is vast.
Lo mismo se podria decir de algunas de sus empresas mas representativas, como minera Minsur, de donde extraen estano, el BBVA Banco Continental, la aseguradora Rimac, la planta de explosivos EXSA y la cadena de hoteles Libertador.
Even if volumes have kept stable, the margins have decreased substantially," lamented Gustavo Gomez Sanchez, general manager of Exsa.
Peruvian blasting solutions company Exsa introduced Quantex in
Peruana Eternit 14,138 11 12,839 11 Montana 10,625 12 8,373 12 Etna 9,613 13 7,916 13 Corporacion Misti 7,818 14 5,605 14 ABB 5,978 16 4.747 15 Exsa 7,520 15 4,177 16 Fuente: Estados Financieros Comparados.
Exsa, a blasting solutions company, is reaping the fruits of its R&D activities by introducing a new explosive technology to the market this year called Quantex.
Gustavo Gomez Sanchez, general manager at blasting solutions company Exsa, said: "By nature, we need to carry safety in our DNA because we handle highly dangerous products.
Under the deal, Freedom Grill will be merged into a newly-formed subsidiary of EXSA. The company's management will assume management positions within EXSA upon closing.
EXSA, a Peruvian blasting solutions company, has been capitalizing on this growth, and has internationalized its operation, with offices in Panama and Colombia and exports to other countries in the region.
Kulp, general manager of the recently established Colombian branch for Peruvian explosives firm Exsa.
There is perhaps no better example of this than Exsa, one of the country's leading solutions providers in explosives.