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EXT3Third Extended Filesystem (journaling)
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Since the Developer Kit image contains an ext3 partition, most Linux distributions will automatically mount it for you, typically under /media or /mnt.
Mutations in EXT1 and EXT2 account for 44%-66% and 30% of HME patients, respectively, whereas EXT3 appears to be the minor locus (100).
The solution includes an unattended OS installation wizard and improved imaging performance, as well as native imaging support for Linux file systems (EXT2 and EXT3).
Thus, we set the "Threshold score" to 107 and let the software mark the "Ext3" field in GoldMine with a unique "matchIT" code so we could then use GoldMines Merge/Purge Wizard to merge the duplicate recor ds.
FDR/UPSTREAM 3.2.1 enhancements, in addition to S/390 Linux Rescuer, add support for file-level backup/restore of FIFO and device files, expanding the capability of UPSTREAM to protect all existing Linux file types including hard links, symbolic links, owners, single file systems, Reiser file systems as well as ext2, ext3, XFS and remote NFS attachments.
All disk imaging products support the Windows file systems -- File Allocation Table (FAT) 16, FAT 32, and NT File System (NTFS)--and some provided limited support for Linux file systems Ext2, Ext3 and Linux Swap, but today only Acronis supports ReiserFS, the default file system used by SuSE Linux.
File systems supported include Linux EXT3, EXT2, Microsoft FAT and NTFS.
Easy to use: Mount any Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 drives like it is part of the native Windows file system
EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, and HFS+ file systems are supported to ensure compatibility with Windows, Mac[R] OS X, and Linux operating systems.