EXTOXNETExtension Toxicology Network
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Berlin, Heidelberg and Newyork, Springer-Velag EXTOXNET, 1996.
According to EXTOXNET, PBO "is suspected of causing anorexia, carcinogenesis, coma, convulsions, dermal irritation, hepatic and renal damage, hyperexcitability, prenatal damage, prostration, tearing, unsteadiness, vomiting and weight loss.
EPA 2002) and/or xenoestrogens (Illinois EPA 1997; National Toxicology Program 2001; EXTOXNET 1998).
Although acute effects of deltamethrin, including nervous system effects and allergic reactions, have been described in exposed populations, limited information regarding chronic effects in humans is available (ATSDR 2001; EXTOXNET 2003; IPCS 1990).