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EXWEx Works
EXWExpeditionary Warfare (US Navy)
EXWExpeditionary Warfare
EXWExplosion Welding
EXWEngineer Expert Witness (American Council of Engineering Companies)
EXWExercise and Wellness (various locations)
EXWExtinct in the Wild (conservation status)
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One advantage to a buyer in using FCA terms is when he uses FCA Seller's Warehouse versus EXW. As commented on in EXW, the buyer is responsible for loss or damage during loading of the goods onto the conveyance at the place of origin, an exposure not usually covered by ocean cargo policies.
The lesson learned in this example is EXW is not suitable for international shipments.
Detrimental impact is elicited by 'corrupt' having negative 10% significance effect on Export to other countries (EXW), whereas exerting adverse influence for numerous of explored economic parameters mainly at statistically insignificant degree, having though close to negative 10% significance negative effect on Agricultural production (APROD), and close to that level positive impact for inflation both at consumer and producer sides Industrial producers' price index (IPPI), and Consumer price index (CPI).
I quote the text of Regimen 1.23 as established by Joly: Di' epta schmatwn kai ai aisqhsie~ anqrwpwn akoh yofwn, oyi~ fanerwn, rine~ odmh~, glwssa hdonh~ kai ahdih~, stoma dialektou, swma yausio~, qermou h yucrou pneumato~ diexodoi exw kai esw: dia toutwn anqrwpoisin gnwsi~.
The current version of INCOTERMS (2000) has 13 shipping terms--from Ex Works (EXW) to Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)--and each is targeted for individually defined situations and are understood by international trading companies.
Coming in an alphabet stew of abbreviations--such as EXW, FCP, DDU and DDP--spelled out in global protocols set forth by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), these govern the buyer's and seller's responsibilities.
At one extreme you have EXW, short for ex works, which is an export price that requires the foreign buyer to take receipt of the export shipment at the exporters place of business or at an agreed upon point of delivery within the exporting country.
Sealane Shipping handles one third of EMCO's shipments from its UK supplier in Manchester on a full container load (FCL) basis, with all shipments purchased by EMCO ex-works (EXW).
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