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EYASEarly Years Advisory and Assessment Service (UK education)
EYASEuropean Youth Association of Serbia
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'One man appeared to be weak because he was being supported by his companion while walking,' said Eyas, quoting witnesses' accounts.
For his part, Dr Eyas Al-Hajeri says: "the company's strategy for the current year revolves around ensuring the availability of gas products in quantities that surpass regular consumption, which will contribute to addressing any deficiencies that may arise in any of the Kingdom's cities.
Sturdevant's hunt for Special Agent Eyas's killer is one ribbon of story in this novel; the other is the actions of the traffickers.
A baby hawk is called an eyas and, unlike many other birds, is entirely dependent on its parents for survival.
Turning darker and becoming clearer than Suntech 2.00, the new Suntech Intense is available in Eynoa 1.67, Eyas 1.60, Pnx 1.53 and CR39 1.50.
[22] Hmeidi, Ismail., Hawashin, Bilal., El-Qawasmeh, Eyas (2008).
Among the short-listed entries is an array of entries from Iraq including Eyas Jehad's Nightmares, which narrates the story of an elementary school teacher who has a nightmare of hanging himself at the end of a school day.
The agreement was signed on behalf of "DAMAC" by Director of Sales Mr Ziad Hinnawi, and on behalf of EHTIRAF by its chairman Mr Eyas Ghoul and its CEO Mr Ayman Al-Mufleh.
And what a model for a "young ape" or "little eyas" like Will Shakespeare to aim at!
The first Charging Song is from World War I and is sung four times through: Natan 'hin'ape (8 times) (They are) charging Eyas 'ica ceya pe The bad mouths (Germans) are crying
One of the two Welsh plants manufactures the lenses from a specially modified polymer called EYAS which is characterised by its strength.