EYEPEuropean Youth Eco-Parliament (UNESCO)
EYEPEvil Yellow-Eyebrowed Penguin
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Then Eyep creatively built a plan that included redundant circuits, paths and systems using all available assets to ensure continuous C2 between the commander and his or her forces.
Eyep's coordination with the joint task force knowledge manager paid big dividends because she ensured the KM understood the communications limitations of maritime bandwidth disadvantaged units and included effective means to exchange information with those forces.
Finally, Eyep knows the plan is a first iteration and that it will evolve as operations change.
Although enrolment is restricted to children who meet the risk factor criteria, the EYEP operates within the universal frameworks of the Australian National Quality Framework and the National Quality Standard (ACECQA, 2011a; 2011b).
An in-depth, ethnographic study investigating the everyday practices of the EYEP was conducted over a period of two years (2014-2015).
The emphasis in this research approach was to allow meanings to emerge from the researcher's encounter with the EYEP rather than imposing meanings on this program from other existing models (Hoey, 2011).
not casual) EYEP team members employed over the course of the study agreed to participate in interviews.
Two interviews were designed to take place with families and EYEP team members over the course of the study with an approximate 12-month interval.
Three focus groups were held with EYEP educators and other team members wishing to participate at six-monthly intervals commencing approximately six months after their first interview.
The study found that the EYEP places a very strong emphasis on sustaining parental engagement in both the education and care processes and outcomes (Fordham, 2016).
The EYEP employs an individualised, gradual process of child and family orientation into the centre.
In order to sustain families' engagement within the centre, CPS supports its educators using a range of strategies that assist them in undertaking the complex and challenging work of enacting the EYEP model.