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EYMEinstein-Yang-Mills (theory; physics)
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EYMEducating Young Minds (Los Angeles, CA)
EYMEuropean Youth Movement (Bulgaria)
EYMEarly Years Matter (Early Years Institute; Plainview, NY)
EYMEasy Your Money (online trading)
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This paper is aimed to determine minimum end distance and bolt spacing when LVL Sengon is used so that evaluation of load carrying capacity given by EYM is still applicable.
The specific objectives were to 1) understand how gusset-plate length, number and size of staples affect the moment capacity of T-shaped joints, 2) compare moment capacities of gusset-plate joints with and without glue application, and 3) verify analytical equations of the EYM for prediction of load capacity of stapled gussetplate joints.
How does screw diameter influence embedment strengths that enter EYM calculations, for loading wood parallel vs.