EYNEverything You Need
EYNEarly Years Niagara (est. 1998; formerly Early Years Action Group-Niagara Region; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)
EYNEarly Years Numeracy (Australia)
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For EYN, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
EYN is not surprised by persecution, despite being frightened and oppressed as a church by Boko Haram and other Jihadists.
Despite the persecutions, and the challenges faced, EYN is growing fast and spreading to almost all the states in the country and to other West African countries, such as Togo, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, and Ghana.
EYN has organized and developed a robust discipleship training programme for members, and supports the Child-Evangelism Ministry to help ground children in faith and maturity.
The problem was stated pointedly by the EYN pastors: "How do we reconcile a Gospel of Peace with the violence of the life-world, indeed, with the violence of God?
In my lectures for the synod I turned to several examples of this problem but perhaps most compelling to the EYN pastors was the work of Croatian theologian Miroslav Volf.
The EYN Church and most of the Christianity I encountered in Nigeria had a much more profound sense of this "idea of the holy" than we Christians in North America seem to be at ease with in our theological imaginations.
Bedki, The Tragedy of Sharia, Cry and the Voice of Masses: Kaduna Crisis from An Eye Witness (Jos, Nigeria: Distributed by the EYN Center, 2001).