EYOFEuropean Youth Olympic Festival
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However, the role of the RAE within a major single junior winter event with younger participants than at the YOG (15- to 19-year-old athletes) and at the EYOF (15- to 18year-old athletes) has not been investigated.
2012) and the 12th winter EYOF in 2015 (Muller et al.
These results were in line with the results obtained in the studies investigating the EYOF in 2015 (Muller et al.
Before the EYOF, Rize entered the youth basketball Anatolian Championship in April, where they beat Antalya Kolejisi in the final to win the Star division.
Team mates Emily Heyburn (Ards-Down), Michael Dawson (Ards) and William Ensor (Westwood-CRC) have also been competing strongly at the EYOF.
The EYOF will provide the young athletes with first-class international competition, as well as an ideal opportunity for future Olympians to gain first-hand knowledge and experience of a multi-sport event.
Speaking at the inauguration of the EYOF, Erdogan said that "just like music, literature and arts, sports is an universal language".
European Youth Olympic Festival, known by its initials EYOF, is a biennial multi-sport event for young athletes from all over Europe.