EYPCEgg-Yolk Phosphatidylcholine
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maximowiczii collected in Uzbekistan on ADP/[Fe.sup.2+]-induced lipid peroxidation of EyPC liposomes, by comparison with those of the well-known antioxidants cysteine and [alpha]-tocopherol.
To determine how those compounds that did not scavenge DPPH radical appreciably acted, we examined the effect of KT133 on lipid peroxidation of EyPC liposomes induced by the hydrophilic radical generator 2,2'-azobis (2-amidinopropane) hydrochloride (AAPH).
The mechanism of ADP/[Fe.sup.2+]-induced lipid peroxidation was reported previously; i.e., reaction of chelated [Fe.sup.2+] with ADP with endogenous hydroperoxide of EyPC at the membrane surface induces lipid peroxidation (Fukuzawa et al., 1995).