EYPSEarly Years Professional Status (UK)
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It was a huge commitment to study in the evenings after work, especially as I was doing a degree at the same time as working towards EYPS.
In particular, EYPS has allowed me to appreciate the creative side of early years.
I'd certainly recommend EYPS to anyone who is considering working with young children.
People take me more seriously and have told me that they prefer their children to come here because they can see the difference EYPS has made.
By achieving EYPS Jill feels she has upheld her business ethos.
EYPS has been great for my career, but more importantly, achieving EYPS has allowed me to make an even greater difference in young children's lives.
The EYPS programme is overseen by the Children's Workforce Development Council, a forum set up in 2005 to support the national adoption of the Government's Every Child Matters strategy.
The event will also include presentations and workshops looking at the different pathways to achieving EYPS, eligibility and entry requirements, and what EYPS training and assessment involves.
EYPS training varies, depending on your existing qualifications and experience and can take four, six or 15 months part-time, or 12 months full-time.
She said: "Motivation towards gaining my EYPS was simply to grasp the opportunity to show that childminders are professionals.
The Bradley centre will see the National Day Nurseries Association working with the Open University as the national provider for EYPS.
Coverage includes an introduction to EYPS; the EYPS validation process; the qualities, knowledge, skills and understanding needed by an early years professional (EYP); effective practice; ways that EYPs incorporate assessment, routines and communication into effective practice; health and safety measures; relationships with children, families, and carers; team work and collaboration; and the final assessment processes used in the EYPS preparation program.