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EYREnd of Year Report (various organizations)
EYREllicott, Yoder, Rush (rural communities; Colorado)
EYREucharistic Youth Rally (Olean, NY)
EYRExtending Your Russian (language software)
EYREdible Yield Rate
EYREpilepsy York Region (support group; Canada)
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Item Evaluation index BPC BPF Purchased emergy ratio (PER) 0.38 0.12 Ecological- Natural emergy/purchased emergy 1.62 726 economy Emergy investment rate (EIR) 0.62 0.14 benefit Emergy yield ratio (EYR) 8.86 13.95 Emergy self-sufficiency ratio 0.62 0.88 (ESR) Environmental Waste processing ratio (%W) 61.30 87.89 benefit Environmental load ratio (ELR) 0.53 0.13 Sustainable Feedback yield ratio (FYR) 2.59 5.08 development Renewable ratio (%R) 65.15 88.70 Sustainability index (ESI) 16.57 109.50 FIGURE 1: Bar chart of the number of biogas projects in China.
This mixture of climbing and intersecting shoots is reminiscent of the floral ornaments in Morris's second gift to Georgiana Burne-Jones, 'The Story of the Dwellers of Eyr' of 1871.
Traded on the London Stock Exchange (EYR), Eyretel's North American headquarters are in Calverton, MD with corporate headquarters located in Leatherhead, Surrey in the UK and offices in London, mainland Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia.
chirches and ferde foule with wodes and mennys orchardes also be same zer was be translacioun of seynt thomas be archebysshop of caunterbury also fyry dragons and wykkyd spiritis many on were sen fleynge in the eyr', and ends: |and a part of be tauerne at be egle and be good man of be egle hadde moche harm as it is seyd'; (2) folios [33.sup.v]-[38.sup.v], a continuation of the chronicle in a sixteenth-century hand, beginning in 1440 and ending in 1526-7, largely restricted to the names of the civic dignitaries for each year but with many brief annalistic entries; (3) folios [38.sup.v]-[40.sup.v], further continuations in other sixteenth-century hands, beginning in 1527-8 and ending in 1564-5, almost entirely restricted to the names of the civic dignitaries.
Godeboru evidently exercises her rank, for she protests that she will not marry anyone unless "he were king or kinges eyr" (1115).
The emergy yield ratio (EYR) is a measure of the ability of a process to exploit local resources by investing outside resources in order to further contribute to the economy.
Tad annwyl Eirlys ac Elen, tad-yng- nghyfraith Tecwyn a Phil, a thaid hoff Aled, Manon, Owain, Ll eyr a Gerwyn.
Several other indicators such as transformity (Tr), emergy yield ratio (EYR), emergy investment ratio (EIR), environmental loading ratio (ELR) and environmental sustainability index (ESI) have been used to evaluate the global performance of the systems.
(37) Some of this emphasis is present in the Manuel, but Mannyng adds over eighty lines of extra advice and example to bring home points such as: "Ne be pou neuer yn swych errour / To make pyn eyr py sekutour ..." (1179-80).
Tad arbennig i Cian Ll eyr, partner Lowri, brawd Aelwyn a'i wraig Sioned, ewythr i Inigo, mab i Huw a'r diweddar Liz, llys-fab i Dorothy ac yn ffrind i bawb.
"Soun ys noght but eyr ybroken; And every speche that ys spoken, Lowd or pryvee, foul or fair, In his substaunce ys but air." (765-68) The House of Fame's polarities reverse the scholastic dream: instead of signifying from God down to earth, signs originate on earth and float upward, diffusing ever more until they little resemble the realities to which they allegedly refer, until they reach the lofty position of fame.