EYUEuropean Yoga Union (Germany)
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With a welcoming and all-inclusive spirit, EYU invites people to their offices for their next movie night to meet others and spend the night with good company while indulging in Barry Jenkins' film that thrilled critics.
Ernst & Young openly suggests that staff mobility across national boundaries will be central to career development, "We see mobility as the key to providing our people with the experiences they expect to build their careers and is therefore an important part of our EYU framework" (E&Y, 2009).
This year marked the global launch of EYU, our career development framework.
High Bank F & N, partial - EYU closed am - Years 3, 4 and 5 closed after lunch;
When I am given the opportunity to contribute to the development of others, whether it's teaching EYU Tax (our program that provides learning and development opportunities through classroom, work assignments and professional interactions) or getting our people involved in non-traditional work, such as developing client presentations, or giving speeches in the community, I'm filled with pride.
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