EYWAEastern Yellow Wagtail (bird species)
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He arrives riding a Toruk, a predatory flying dragon, as the community is praying around Eywa. The viewer has been prepared for the scene by an earlier one in which Ney'tiri reveals that her grandfather's grandfather was a "Turok Makto, Rider of Last Shadow." At the time, Sully replies, "He rode this?" and Ney'tiri answers, "Turok chose him.
The key to Na'vi life is interconnection, embodied by their goddess Eywa, and materialized at relevant places like Hometree or the sacred Tree of Voices, where ancestors can be heard and prayers made, something that the human scientists try to explain as some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the trees.
The saving of the paradise (associated with a total salvation, as Jake Sully is saved himself by Eywa) inscribes itself in the series of cliches, both religious (good versus evil) and cinematic (happy-ending).
But as she dies, and begins to experience her absorption into Eywa, she exclaims that Eywa is real.
Avatar's script turns on the problem, then, that when human colonists colonize Pandora--in the form ofa technocapitalist transgalactic corporation named Resources Development Administration (RDA), which includes armed soldiers, bureaucratic administrators, scientists and anthropologists, and other personnel--the Na'vi and Eywa become caught in a contradiction.
Additionally, though not having engaged the Na'vi people for more than a few months, Jake would demonstrate an exceptional ability--reserved only for an arch healer--to access the ultimate source of "The People's" power in summoning Eywa to aid the group in their campaign.
[11] Despite the film's rather shallow caricature of science as a process, Grace's scientific findings do bring her to a recognition of Eywa that is, in many ways, the same recognition that one could receive via more traditionally religious means.
In JAMES CAMERON'S "Avatar," every living being on the alien world of Pandora turns out to be physically connected to those around it, forming a huge data network, a single giant brain, with a consciousness the natives call Eywa, their mother goddess.
The planet Pandora provides the physical domain of the people's omnipresent and transcendent power, their 'spirit mother' Eywa. The Na'vi have access to Eywa through a physical linkage to their environment.