EZHIEasterling Zacharias Health Institute (Richmond, VA)
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(28.) Ren Xu, Qian Feng, Fang Hua, "Mei Ri dou la long Indu: Genben mudi shi ezhi Zhongguo" [America and Japan Rope in India: Their Basic Objective is to Contain China], Renmin Ribao [People's Daily], 30 April 2001, p.
Ezhi - piitendaagwak Bmaadzawin--precious life--is the theme of this year's Native Women and Wellness Conference East, to be held Nov.
(79) See, for example, Cong Peiying, "Renquan Waijiao shi meiguo ezhi Zhongguo jueqi zhongyao shouduan" (Human Rights Diplomacy is an Important Tool for the US to Contain China's Rise), Guoji guanxi luntan (International Relations Forum), May 2010, at <http://news.sohu.com/20100511/n272055671.shtml> [4 Apr.