EaaSEverything as a Service (also seen as XaaS)
EaaSEuropean Association for American Studies (Halle, Germany)
EaaSExpedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (UK)
EaaSEthernet as a Service (telecommunications)
EaaSEuro-Afro American Sweepstake (lottery scam)
EaaSEast Antrim Astronomical Society (Northern Ireland)
EaaSEuro-Asian Astronomical Society (formerly Soviet Astronomical Society; est. 1990)
EaaSEastern Area Adult Services (Pittsburgh, PA)
EaaSEast Anglian Ambulance Service
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- What is the expected future scenario and revenue generation by the different types of service including software-as-a-service (SaaS) and equipment-as-a-service (EaaS)?
"By using EaaS to increase the availability of abundant, reliable and renewable energy at a predictable cost, vendors like Schneider Electric can unlock benefits for businesses and communities."
The analyst report evaluates the strategy and execution of 10 commercial and industrial EaaS suppliers.
The types and contents of essential amino acids (EAAs) are considered important factors to evaluate the food nutrition.
The EAA also recommended that the FAA revise its policy on mass arrivals that would limit the arrival's ability to shift its planned time and date of arrival due to weather.
The high content of dietary crude fiber increased EAA flow (Montagne et al., 2003).
"Over time EAAs released from protein breakdown in the rapidly turning-over gut tissues can be released into peripheral blood and then be incorporated into new proteins in muscle."
The supplementation of AAs in these studies varied widely depending on the type of supplemented AA, such as first and second limiting AA, feed-grade AAs, all essential amino acids (EAAs) or both EAAs and non-essential amino acids (NEAAs).
The last approach called Elasticity as a Service (EaaS), done by BonFIRE Elasticity Engine (EE).
The amino acid composition, especially the essential amino acids (EAAs), has been considered a good indicator of amino acid requirements (Conceicao et al.