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EALEEuropean Association of Labour Economists
EALEEuropean Association of Law & Economics (University of Haifa; Israel)
EALEEnseñanza y Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras (Spanish: Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages)
EALEÉquipements d'Alimentation de Lignes Électriques (French: Electrical Power Lines Equipment)
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"Review of Law & Economics" will be produced four times a year in association with the European Association of Law and Economics (EALE).
Wigan's Scottish winger Gary T eale left the ground on crutches
Janis Lull's essay on Buckingham's execution in Richard III addresses the fact that it occurs on All Souls' Day; she offers a number of convincing readings of this passage, centering on the cultural meanings of the holiday, but she is not really undertaking a "textual study." David Haley's argument about the "dram of eale" crux in Hamlet similarly provides an excellent close reading of the guiding metaphor of the passage as well as its intertextual relation to Nashe's Pierce Penilesse.