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EKUEastern Kentucky University
EKUExtended Key Usage (digital certificates)
EKUEnhanced Key Usage
EKUExtended Key Usage
EKUEarliest Known Use (philatelic designation)
EKUEuropean Karate Union
EKUEberhard-Karls-Universität (University At Tübingen, Germany)
EKUEura Kauttuan Urheilijat (Finnish: Eura-Kauttuan Athletes)
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The earliest known uses of gazebo appeared in the mid-1700s.
The earliest known uses in English of both the words Milky Way and galaxy are found together, in the following lines from a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer called "The House of Fame," written sometime before 1385: "Se yonder, loo, the Galaxie,/Which men clepeth the Milky Wey,/For hit ys whit." (See yonder, lo, the galaxy, which they call the Milky Way, because it is white.) These lines make it clear that Milky Way was a term popular in England before that time, though how early is impossible to say.