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Both diseases cause abortions and infertility in cattle, early embryonic death and neonatal mortality.
The aim of the study was to investigate the possible effects of uterine lavage and oxytocin administration during foal heat on fertility parameters such as length of ovulation periods, pregnancy rates and rates of early embryonic death. The expected hypothesis was that the combination of uterine lavage and oxytocin administration performed 4 h before and 4 h after breeding in foal heat would shorten the interval between parturition and first ovulation, increase pregnancy rates and decrease early embryonic death rates.
Most of the studies demonstrate that pregnancy and early embryonic death rates of non-cyclic recipient mares are similar to those of cyclic recipients, and thus can be successfully used in ET programs (CARNEVALE et al., 2000; ROCHA FILHO et al., 2004; GRECO et al., 2012; SILVA et al., 2014).
"Just as deletion of the Sox2 gene causes the very early embryo to die, it is likely that an abnormality in the regulatory region would also cause early embryonic death before any of the organs have even formed," said Mitchell.
Delayed function of Corpus Luteum (CL) either alone or in combination with lowered secretion of progesterone during the luteal phase leading to early embryonic death is one of the major causes of repeat breeding syndrome (Thatcher et al., 1994).
This virus is responsible for bovine viral diarrhoea, mucosal disease, poor conception and early embryonic death, foetal mummies, the birth of brain-damaged calves, eye defects in newborn calves and a lower resistance to other diseases.
Losses of pregnancy can be characterized as early embryonic death, which occurs prior to maternal recognition of pregnancy; late embryonic death, which occurs from day 24 to 42 of gestation; and fetal death, which occurs after day 42.
Mean early embryonic death rates in groups B, P and H in all three storage periods were 25.10%, 21.90% and 27.30%, respectively.
Cyclic and pathologic changes of the mare endometrium as detected by biopsy, with a note on early embryonic death. J.
Abortion and weak lambs are major contributors to reduced lamb numbers but early embryonic death will show as an increased number of barren ewes detected at scanning.
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