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EMPElectromagnetic Pulse
EMPEnvironmental Management Plan
EMPExperience Music Project
EMPEmergency Preparedness
EMPÉconomie et Management Publics (French: Economics and Public Management)
EMPExchange Market Pressure (economics)
EMPEvent Management Plan (UK)
EMPEquipment Maintenance Plan (various companies)
EMPÉcole de Management de Paris (French: School of Management of Paris; Paris, France)
EMPEmergency Management Planning (various organizations)
EMPExtremely Metal-Poor (stars)
EMPExternat Médico Pédagogique (French: Medical Teaching Clerkship)
EMPExcessive Multi-Posting (newsgroups, usenet)
EMPElectro Magnetic Pulse
EMPExcessive Mass Posting
EMPExcessive Multi Posting
EMPEmergency Management Port
EMPEvent Monitoring Point
EMPEnhanced Memory Pipelining
EMPEnergy Master Plan (various organizations)
EMPEstado Mayor Presidencial (Spanish: Presidential Guard Corps; Mexico)
EMPEmergency Management Port (Toshiba)
EMPEcosystem Management Plan (various locations)
EMPElectron Microprobe
EMPEnvironmental Management Program (USACE)
EMPEcole des Mines de Paris (French engineering school)
EMPEducation Master Plan (various schools)
EMPEnvironmental Monitoring Plan
EMPEngineering, Math, Physics (various schools)
EMPEnergy Management Program
EMPE-Marketing Performance
EMPEstimated Market Price (car sales)
EMPEmbden-Meyerhof-Parnas (biochemistry pathway)
EMPEuropean-Mediterranean Partnership
EMPEmergency Medical Personnel
EMPErstmusterprüfung (German: First Article Inspection)
EMPEurope Media Port (various locations)
EMPEnomoto Micro Pump (Japan)
EMPEricsson Mobile Platform
EMPEnvironmental Management Project
EMPEnglish for Medical Purposes
EMPExtramedullary Plasmacytoma
EMPEngineered Machined Products, Inc.
EMPEnergy Medicine Practitioner (health program)
EMPExcessive Multiple Posting
EMPEntreprise Métallo Plastique (French: Metallo Plastic Company)
EMPEquipment Mounting Plate
EMPEnterprise Marketing Platform
EMPEmbedded Media Processing (computing)
EMPElectromagnetic Propagation
EMPEco Media Player (Ecodigital)
EMPEntreprise Menuiserie Plaquiste (French construction company)
EMPElite Maintenance Program (Maplesoft)
EMPExtensible Messaging Platform (Novell)
EMPExecutive Master’s Program
EMPEdge Message Protocol
EMPEnhanced Marksmanship Program (US Marine Corps)
EMPEpimacular Proliferation (eye condition)
EMPÉbauches Micromécaniques Precitrame Sa (Swiss Micromechanical company)
EMPEarly Medieval Period
EMPEquipment Management Pool (shipping)
EMPElectromagnetic Prediction
EMPEngineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
EMPÉcole Marie Poburan (Alberta, Canada)
EMPEnglish for Military Purposes
EMPEngineering and Manufacturing Processes (RSA)
EMPEnhanced Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Pallet
EMPExhibit Management Program
EMPExtended Megaco Package
EMPElectrostatic Molecular Potential
EMPExcessive Message Posting
EMPExcellence in Management Program
EMPExperimentation Master Plan
EMPEU/Southern Mediterranean Partnership
EMPEngineering Modification Proposal
EMPEngineered Maintenance Procedures
EMPEnglish for Maritime Purposes
EMPElite Mechanical Products Ltd. (Dongguan, China)
EMPEnvironmental Marine Products (Saint Petersburg, FL)
EMPEriccson Mobile Platform
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In the early medieval period it was one of three major religious houses in the town, including the adjacent St.
When international trade was in its infancy and was dominated by luxury items intended for the wealthy rulers of the early medieval period, barriers to entry into the market were few.
One just hopes the human habitat shifts are not so large as to create convulsion the like of which was caused in the late ancient and the early medieval period.
In Volume 1 Haight describes the historical development and summarizes principles of historical ecclesiology for the earliest church, the pre-Constantinian church, the post-Constantinian church (300-600), and the church in the Middle Ages, both under the Gregorian reform in the early medieval period and in light of conciliarism in the late medieval period.
The old world, painfully built up by the Latin Church over the centuries of the early medieval period, was unraveling.
Although intended for the general public, Barbarian Migrations is an important work that should be read by anyone interested in the Roman Empire, Late Antique world, or early medieval period. Because of his thorough assessment of the politically inspired choices of particular individuals, Halsall has added much to our understanding of the relationships between Rome and the barbarians in addition to the complexities of the politics of the period.
Bruce observes that there was a late antique system of signs to denote numbers that Bede discusses as a mode of communication, and was likely in use in monasteries in the early medieval period. John of Salerno, biographer of Odo (925-942), Cluny's second abbot, indicates that it had already become more detailed in the early tenth century.
This book will be of great value to anyone working in Western Asia and the eastern Mediterranean, but also to specialists in late antiquity and the early medieval period in general.
In an era when the euro is seen by many people as a threat to Britain's way of life, it is remarkable to reflect that Byzantine coins were accepted currency here in the early medieval period.
By the early medieval period, church efforts at setting Christians against Jews were having the desired effect.
Jeremy Black offers a fresh look at class, religion and politics in the early medieval period in Kings, Nobles and Commoners: States and Sociedes in Early Modern Europe (I.B.Tauris, hb 42 [pounds sterling], pb 15.95 [pounds sterling]) and argues that traditional assumptions of the success of Protestant states and the failures of Catholic states may be incorrect.
The book is essentially an investigation of the social role of literary texts produced by court poets in the early medieval period, although it ranges in time from Tacitus through to William of Malmesbury.
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