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EMTEmergency Medical Technician
EMTEquine Massage Therapy (Colorado)
EMTEpic Meal Time (food artists)
EMTEarly Modern Thought (network; European Science Foundation)
EMTEl Monte, CA (airport code)
EMTElectrical Metallic Tubing (various companies)
EMTExecutive Management Team (various organizations)
EMTEnergy Marketing and Trading
EMTElectrical Metallic Tubing
EMTEmpresa Municipal de Transportes (Madrid, Spain)
EMTEpithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
EMTEquipment Maintenance Technician (various companies)
EMTEnvironmental Management Team (US Army)
EMTEntertainment, Media and Technology
EMTEnvironmental Management Technology
EMTEase of Movement (clothing)
EMTÉvaluation en Milieu de Travail (French: Assessment in the Workplace)
EMTEmergency Medical Treatment
EMTelectromechanical technology
EMTEmerging Medical Technologies (database and online meetings; Life Science Intelligence, Inc.)
EMTEnergy Management Technology
EMTExtended Mobility Tires
EMTElectronic Money Transfer
EMTEric McFadden Trio
EMTErreur Maximale Tolérée (French: Maximum Tolerated Error)
EMTEmergency Management Team
EMTEnvironmental Monitoring Technology (Hendersonville, TN)
EMTEmergency Medical Team
EMTEnterprise Management Technology (software)
EMTEntreprise Marocaine de Travaux (French: Moroccan Works Company)
EMTEfficient Market Theory
EMTEmail Money Transfer
EMTExtended Mobility Technology (Goodyear Tires)
EMTEffective Medium Theory
EMTEesti Mobiiltelefon (Estonian Mobile operator)
EMTEnglish Mother Tongue
EMTElectronic Manufacturing Technology
EMTElectromagnetic Tomography
EMTElectromagnetic Transient
EMTEnergy Management Team (various locations)
EMTÉnergie Maintenance Travaux (French: Energy Maintenance Works)
EMTÉlastomères Moulages Techniques (French: Cast Elastomers Techniques)
EMTEffective-Mass Theory
EMTEmerging Models and Technologies for Computation
EMTEffects Management Tool (US Army/Marine Corps AFATDS client)
EMTEnhanced Multi-Threading
EMTEquivalent Megatonnage
EMTEnseignement Manuel et Technique (French: Education and Technical Manual)
EMTElectron Multiplier Tube
EMTEmergency Medical Tag
EMTEmballage Moderne Transparent (French: Modern Transparent Packaging)
EMTElapsed Maintenance Time
EMTExcursions Maritimes Tropéziennes (French tropical maritime excursion company)
EMTElectron Microscope Tomography
EMTÉlevage Matériels et Technologies (French: Livestock Equipment and Technologies)
EMTEn Minä Tiedä (Finnish: I Don't Know)
EMTEach More Than
EMTElectrician's Mate, Telephone (US Coast Guard)
EMTEmergency Medical Tourniquet
EMTExpert Missile Tracker
EMTEastern Mediterranean Time (GMT+0200)
EMTExecutive Mentors and Trainers (Seattle, WA)
EMTEuropean Mean Time
EMTengineering model thruster
EMTEffective Methods Team
EMTElectromechanical Team (ICBM maintenance)
EMTEuro Money Transfer
EMTEnhanced Modulation Techniques
EMTEmpresa Madeirense de Tabacos, SA (Portugal)
EMTExhaust/Muffler/Tailpipe (automobiles)
EMTElectromechanical Maintenance Team (ICBM)
EMTEngine Materials Technology
EMTElement Management Tool
EMTEmbedded Memory Testing
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The ethos of early modern thought culminates in the denial of the
Daniel accommodates the concept to early modern thought through a lexical history that demonstrates the capacity of the word and its cognates to signify not only the solipsism of an individual body's experience of melancholy but also its implication within a larger social network, "the consolidation of a crowd" (8).
Harris's book is a work of superb scholarship, well-written and insightful, and will be an invaluable resource to students of early modern thought. It is novel in its very conception--an intellectual biography of Hume has not been attempted before--and offers a fresh perspective on Hume's motivations and the character of his work.
The Anthropomorphic Lens: Anthropomorphism, Microcosmism and Analogy in Early Modern Thought and Visual Arts
As the editors, Brian Cummings and Freya Sierhuis, observe, 'In the last two decades, intellectual history has worked voraciously to end the neglect of the passions in the understanding of early modern thought and assumptions' (p.
These eight essays examine a wide variety of issues surrounding mental health during 1200-1700, including emotions and psychological health in Aquinas; miraculous consolation for a bereft mother; fear, fantasy ad sleep in medieval medicine; anger and the mind-body connection in medieval and early modern medicine; coitus, desire and hygiene in medieval and early modern Spain; sadness at the time of Shakespeare; melancholia in the Renaissance; and music and spirit in early modern thought,
One essay serves to highlight this neglected area, contextualising it within scholarship on this major trend of early modern thought.
[So much so that] the identification of Epicurean topics and themes and the analysis of their reception offers a useful framework for understanding and interpreting the history of early modern thought' (v-vi).
But the scientific bias of early modern thought required people to read the Bible more factually than in the past, beginning to demand of the Bible what it was not designed to provide.
In the first (and, for me, the most intriguing and revelatory) part of the book, Richardson mines these texts for evidence of early modern thought, feeling and belief about the relations between public and private selves, the inside and the outside, domesticity and the community; in the second half, these findings are mapped onto the small corpus of tragedies which figure the home as their primary locus: Arden of Faversham, Two Lamentable Tragedies, A Woman Killed With Kindness and A Yorkshire Tragedy.
It's not surprising that the wonder of it, magic's promise and allure, held sway over much of medieval and early modern thought. Any scholar interested in the field must choose from a variety of crossroads before gaining access to magic's lair.
This first translation into English, therefore, is timely and should further the study of the role of elite witchcraft beliefs in early modern thought on both the teaching and scholarly level.
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