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ERIPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power (antenna)
ERIPElectricity Retrofit Incentive Program (Canada)
ERIPEarly Retirement Incentive Plan
ERIPEnergy Related Inventions Program
ERIPEngine Reliability Improvement Program (aircraft maintenance program)
ERIPAustralian Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects Database
ERIPEmergency Response Information Portal (SafePlans, LLC)
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'Thus, judging from the stated objectives of the Erip IV, the same should be considered as an early retirement incentive plan and not a supplemental retirement plan,' the SC said.
First, the benefits must be payable only upon an employee's involuntary severance from employment (including "good reason" terminations in certain circumstances), pursuant to a window program or certain voluntary early retirement incentive plans.
Results of Early Retirement Incentive Plan Implementation
Early Retirement Incentive Plan for the Semiconductor Business
Earlier retirement ages, the greater longevity of the population, ill-conceived early retirement incentive plans, and contribution holidays all have hurt.
Thus, the payments to Ps in exchange for their tenure rights under the early retirement incentive plans were not "wages" within the meaning of FICA, under Sec.
Early withdrawal from the labor force has expanded with the increasing use of Early Retirement Incentive Plans (ERIP'S).
As a practical matter, early retirement incentive plans will be affected first.
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