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You talk about stocks and cheap money, they're basically corporations, instead of investing in the real economy, can now simply borrow at, you know, close to 0% and buy their own stocks, which yield 2% or 3% on a dividend basis and, you know, provide a return of 6% or 7% on an earnings to price ratio basis.
First-time buyers being priced out of homes market EARNINGS TO PRICE INCREASE AREA RATIO 2013 RATIO 1997 West Lancs 6.
The fund managers utilize a strategy of capitalization-weighted earnings to price ratio in combination with exhaustive analysis on global technology trends.
As for earnings to price ratio, BLOM recorded the highest at 10.
The earnings to price ratio is the earnings per share divided by the price of the stock 30 trading days prior to the announcement.
The final iteration revealed a model in which three independent variables--percentage of shares repurchased (X7), Earnings to Price Ratio (X10), and Retention Ratio (X12)--meet the conditions set forth in the regression model.
The relationship between the earnings to price ratio and excess returns was significant at the 90% level of confidence and between retention ratio and excess returns significant at 95% level of confidence.
The signs of two of the coefficients in the final model; earnings to price ratio and retention ratio, are as expected.
The old metrics-- including earnings to price ratio--will again play a big role in investment strategy.
As a result, the yield on ten-year Treasury notes now exceeds the ratio of twelve-month-ahead earnings to prices by the largest amount since 1991, when earnings were depressed by the economic slowdown.