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ELFExtremely Low Frequency (3-30 Hz; 100,000-10,000 km)
ELFEuropean Lung Foundation (Sheffield, UK)
ELFEarth Liberation Front
ELFEarly Learning Fun (education; various locations)
ELFEssential Living Foods (Culver City, CA)
ELFEyes Lips Face (cosmetics company)
ELFEnhanced Liver Fibrosis (test)
ELFEssential Legal Framework (workshop; various locations)
ELFEver Lasting Friends (Super Junior fan club)
ELFExecutable and Linking Format (computer data format)
ELFExecutive Leadership Foundation (various organizations)
ELFExtensible Linking Format
ELFElectronic Application Form File
ELFExecutable and Linking Format
ELFExtended Language Facility
ELFExternal Line Format
ELFExtremely Low Frequency
ELFExtended Layer File
ELFExtremely Large Fabric
ELFExtended Log Format
ELFElvish Linguistic Fellowship (J.R.R. Tolkien)
ELFElectronic Filing
ELFEritrean Liberation Front (Eritrea)
ELFEnglish Language Fellow (various locations)
ELFEnvironmental Law Foundation
ELFEpithelial Lining Fluid (medical)
ELFElectric Light Fixtures (real estate)
ELFExtremely Low Flow
ELFEmeril Lagasse Foundation
ELFEnvironmental Liberation Front (est. 1992)
ELFExchange of Large Files (computing)
ELFEnzyme-Labeled Fluorescence
ELFEarly Life Failure
ELFEndangered Language Fund (Yale University)
ELFEurope Lost and Found
ELFEarly Learning Foundation
ELFEmergency Loan Fund (various organizations)
ELFEconomic Limit Factor (tax rate adjustment for oil and gas field production)
ELFElf Lore Family (south-central Indiana)
ELFElectronic Low Frequency
ELFElectromagnetic Flux (Earthsiege terminology game)
ELFErisian Liberation Front
ELFEducation and Legal Fund (Ohio)
ELFEngagement Level Feedback
ELFEducation Loan Funding Corp. (Denver, CO)
ELFe-Learning Forum
ELFEnvironmental Learning Facility (various locations)
ELFEffective Learning Framework
ELFElectronic Labor Force (software)
ELFEnterprise Learning Framework (Microsoft Vista)
ELFExtraterrestrial Life Form
ELFEnvironmental Life Force (activist group)
ELFEnterprise Loan Fund (various organizations)
ELFEvans Park, Lincoln Avenue, and Franklin Avenue
ELFExtension Language Facility
ELFElectronic Location Finder
ELFEducational Leadership Foundation
ELFExtended Layer File (WinImages image processing software)
ELFEmergent Learning Forum
ELFElectrostatic Levitation Furnace
ELFEvolutionary Learning of Fuzzy Rules (system)
ELFEliminate Landmines Forever (ChemTech)
ELFExternal Financing Limit (UK)
ELFExplicit Link Failure
ELFEesti Looduse Fond (Estonian Fund for Nature)
ELFEl Fasher, Sudan - El Fasher (Airport Code)
ELFEmployee Learning Fund (Canada)
ELFEye-safe Laser Filter
ELFExplosive-Actuated Light Filter
ELFEnergie Liquide de France (corporate name)
ELFEnergy Level Finder
ELFEngineered Landform
ELFEngineered Land Form
ELFExtensible and Linking Format
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Luers' retrial was set for early April 2001, but in the early morning hours of March 30 Earth Liberation Front arsonists struck the Romania truck lot on Walnut Street, using firebombs to set fires under vehicles.
Tree Spiker concludes with a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, final chapter about Earth Liberation Front and the fine yet clear line between nonviolent civil disobedience and what has been deemed by the FBI as domestic terrorism.
In fact, it is the sort of crime that is surprisingly common throughout the Western world, as members of the closely aligned Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front take unilateral, illegal action to enforce what high-seas eco-crusader Paul Watson once described as Mother Nature's laws--laws which he explained should always take precedence over mankind's laws.
The sign - a sheet marked with spray paint - bore the initials ELF, for Earth Liberation Front, a loose collection of radical environmentalists that has claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks since the 1990s.
From 1996 to 2001 a shadowy group of eco-terrorists variously calling itself the Earth Liberation Front or the Animal Liberation Front attacked targets in the western United States, destroying properties that the group claimed threatened the environment.
The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) originated in England in the 1970s.
ON JANUARY 13 the Federal Bureau of Investigation nabbed three members of the Earth Liberation Front in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Auburn, California.
The Family, a radical, violent environmental group, was aligned with the outlaw Earth Liberation Front and had been linked to 16 arson and vandalism attacks in the western U.
20, the Olympia-based trade group offered a $100,000 bounty--the highest-ever in the housing industry--for information leading to the arrest and conviction of members affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), which according to BIA estimates is responsible for $8 million in property damage in the state since 1996.
If it is renewed, Yaure would like to see its scope expanded to include acts of domestic terrorism along the lines of the Oklahoma City bombing or attacks by members of such homegrown groups as the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front.
Compare those sentiments with the words written 40 years later by Craig Marshall, an Earth Liberation Front activist, from his Oregon jail cell (where he was serving a five-year term for setting fire to logging trucks): "There are necessary evils if we want to be effective in our struggles, such as the use of petro-fuels in igniting huge bonfires in which we can watch corporations go bankrupt.
The answer, quite frankly, is they buy the propaganda of the extremist environmental views of PETA, Greenpeace, Earth Liberation Front, Waterkeepers Alliance, and certain factions of legitimate groups such as Sierra Club and etc.