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EQEqualization/Equalizer/Equalize (audio term)
EQEqual to (or equivalant; computer math)
EQEducation Queensland
EQEmotional Quotient
EQElectric Quilt (quilting software)
EQEnvironmental Quality
EQEvil Queen
EQExceptional Quality ((also seen as eQ)
EQEmpireQuest (online game)
EQEnvironmental Qualification
EQEquipment Qualification
EQEducational Quotient
EQEncephalization Quotient (comparison of intelligence between species)
EQElder's Quorum (LDS Church)
EQEstimation-Quantization (coder type)
EQEnglish Qaballa
EQEnlisted Quarters
EQEarthQuakers (online gaming clan)
EQEthics Quotient
EQEstimation Quantizer
EQEnumerator Questionnaire (US Census Bureau)
EQEnvironmental Quescense (Canada)
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At their Wednesday afternoon meetings, the Earthquakers discuss topics ranging from responsible fatherhood to interracial dating to long-term career planning.
It all bodes well for the band who will open their set at The Full Ponty with new song, Earthquakers and Loveshakers.
Esta circunstancia obligo a los directivos a fichar a jovenes valores sin tanta fama en el exterior como es el caso de Joselito Vaca de Bolivia, con 24 anos; mientras que se le dar mas apoyo al jugador nativo como lo demuestra la contratacion de Landon Donovan, 19 anos, por el San Jose Earthquakers, aunque el tuvo la opcion de actuar con el Bayern Leverkusen de Alemania.