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EEWErndtebrücker Eisenwerk (German pipe manufacturer)
EEWEarthquake Early Warning
EEWEuropean Evidence Warrant (EU)
EEWEpoxide Equivalent Weight (epoxy resins)
EEWEnniscorthy Electrical Wholesale (Ireland)
EEWEnergized Electrical Work (Intel)
EEWNeenah, Wisconsin
EEWElementary Edge Wave
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Northeast Sammamish Water & Sewer District is the first utility in the Pacific Northwest to install operational technology that links with the Shake Alert earthquake early warning system and automatically prompts a system response to protect the local water supply in case of a natural disaster.
Kumar, "Multi-parameter algorithm for Earthquake Early Warning," Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk, vol.
The infrastructure for an earthquake early warning system is evolving - but it could be the human side of the equation that presents the biggest challenge.
[19] Constantin Ionescu- Earthquake early warning system and disaster management concept for Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border area-prezentare DACEA - "Sistem de alerta in caz de cutremure pentru regiunea transfrontaliera Romania--Bulgaria" (Giurgiu, 13 octombrie 2011)
Bose, "The status of earthquake early warning around the World: an introductory overview," Seismological Research Letters, vol.
2 at the White House to discuss earthquake early warning plans and a new initiative to make all federal buildings earthquake-proof.
"We want to make this a killer app, where you put it on your phone and allow us to use your accelerometer, and we will deliver earthquake early warning," Allen said.
Earthquake early warning (EEW) systems detect the start of an earthquake and rapidly transmit warnings to people and automated systems before they experience shaking at their location.
Most importantly, employing an "earthquake early warning system" can help adequately address a catastrophic geological threat faced by South Asia.
While not as accurate as scientific-grade equipment, this approach could be used in countries unable to afford much more expensive earthquake early warning systems, the researchers explained."Crowd-sourced alerting means that the community will benefit by data generated from the community," study lead author Sarah Minson, a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey, said in an agency news release.
The Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system uses seismic networks to detect activity in known hazard areas so warnings can be sent to areas outside of where the earthquake originated.
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