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ERIEritrea (ISO Country code)
ERIEducation, Research and Innovation
ERIEspace de Rencontres et d'Information (French: Space for Meetings and Information)
ERIEconomic Research Institute (Redmond, WA)
ERIEducation and Research Institute (various organizations)
ERIEarly Reading Intervention (education)
ERIEuropean Research Infrastructures
ERIEcological Restoration Institute (NAU)
ERIEarthquake Research Institute (Japan)
ERIEarly Retirement Incentive (various organizations)
ERIEmergency Response International (Cashmere, WA)
ERIElectronic Recyclers International (Fresno, CA and Gardner, MA)
ERIEnhanced Reference Implementation
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ERIEducation Resources, Inc. (Medfield, MA)
ERIEarthrights International
ERIExplosion Research Institute (Japan)
ERIEducation Resources Information Center.
ERIEquipment Reliability Institute
ERIElective Replacement Indicator (pacemakers)
ERIElectronic Recording of Interrogations (law enforcement software)
ERIEastern Radiologists, Inc. (Greenville, NC)
ERIEleanor Roosevelt Institute
ERIElm Research Institute
ERIExchange Rate Index
ERIEconomic Reciprocity Initiative (NAACP)
ERIExecutive Risk Indemnity (Warren, NJ)
ERIExcès de Risque Individuel (French: Excess of Individual Risk)
ERIEvolutionary Retention Index
ERIEnhanced Roaming Indicator
ERIElectricity Regional Initiative (EU; est. 2006)
ERIErie, PA, USA - Erie International (Airport Code)
ERIEngineer Restructure Initiative
ERIExtended Roaming Indicator (cellular phones)
ERIEpidemiology Resources Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
ERIEmbedded Running Indicator (watches)
ERIEarly Return Index
ERIEmployee Retraining Initiative
ERIEmployee Relations Inventory
ERIEconomic Residual Income
ERIExcess Regulation Index (business ethics)
ERIElsevier Realty Information, Inc
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My deepest appreciation, however, goes to the brave community leaders on the front lines of human rights and environmental justice struggles around the world without whom none of our work at EarthRights International would be possible.
20) EarthRights International, 'Historic Advance for Universal Human Rights: Unocal to Compensate Burmese Villagers', 29 April 2005.
An unofficial transcript of the en bane hearing is provided by one of the non-government organizations (NGOs) assisting the plaintiffs, Earthrights International.
In 1994, EarthRights International and the CCR teamed up to prepare what became the first corporate case to satisfy the jurisdictional standards of the Alien Tort Claims Act, Doe v.
If the plaintiffs are successful, damages would be substantial, said Richard Herz, litigation director for Earthrights International, a human rights advocacy group based in Washington, D.
It has also been joined by a similar suit filed by EarthRights International.
In 1995, Ka Hsaw Wa and two lawyers founded EarthRights International, a nonprofit organization that focuses on protecting human rights and the environment.
529) Often these values are presented through high-stakes rhetoric: Beth Stephens hails the ATS as "a means to hold the most egregious perpetrators accountable for the most egregious violations of international law," (530) and a pre-Kiobel statement by EarthRights International predicted that "human rights law [would] be set back decades" if the defendants prevailed in that case.
Rick Herz, litigation coordinator at EarthRights International, says even with other avenues of justice available to foreign plaintiffs, they'll lose a valuable tool with the 2nd Circuit's ruling.
EarthRights International, a human rights group with offices in Washington, D.
In the years 1996, 2000, 2001, and again in 2003, EarthRights International (ERI) released reports with extensive on-the-ground documentation of human rights abuses committed by the military in direct connection to the construction of the pipeline project, including forced labor, (29) rape, torture, and extrajudicial killings.