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EWJEarthworm Jim (video game)
EWJEast West Journal (monthly health publication)
EWJEngineered Wood Journal
EWJExpert Witness Journal (est. 1998)
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Fans of "Earthworm Jim" will be very happy to know that after 25 years, the original team that created the popular game of the 90's are back together to create an all-new version of the game, "Earthworm Jim 3."
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The 30-year-old - who is behind the super successful Earthworm Jim and HEDZ computer games - now plans to float his VIS entertainment company on the Stock Market.
Software titles that registered disappointing performances last Christmas, said Preston, were Mickey Mania from Sony Image-soft, Earthworm Jim from Playmates Interactive, and to a lesser extent, Sega's Sonic & Knuckles.
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Dave explained: "Earthworm Jim made about $30 million in sales.
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It is this unique idea, typical of developers Shiny Entertainment who made MDK and Earthworm Jim, which carries the game.
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EARTHWORM Jim has wriggled his way on to the N64 and to celebrate we are giving 10 lucky Mega readers the chance to bag a copy.
Who would play you in a film: The cartoon character Earthworm Jim.
Shiny's boss Dave Perry shot to fame with classic platformers such as Aladdin and Earthworm Jim. And here he distills all his ideas into a romp packed with action, mayhem, humour and some of the nastiest baddies around.