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EABEnglish Amiga Board (computer forum)
EABEmerald Ash Borer (insect)
EABElastic Adhesive Bandage
EABExchange-a-Blade (knives)
EABÉcole Active Bilingue (French school)
EABEnterprise Address Book
EABEdit Autoexec Batch File
EABEquilibrio Acido Base (Italian: Acid-Base Balance)
EABEnvironmental Appeals Board (EPA)
EABEngineering Accreditation Board (UK)
EABEurope Arab Bank (various locations)
EABEducational Advisory Board (various organizations)
EABEnvironmental Advisory Board
EABEuropean-American Bank
EABExperimental Analysis of Behavior
EABEducational Activities Board (IEEE)
EABEgyptian American Bank
EABExecutive Advisory Board
EABEntente Astarac-Bigorre (French rugby club)
EABEnquête Annuelle de Branche (French: Annual Survey Branch)
EABEngineering Advisory Board (various locations)
EABEnhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation
EABEthics Advisory Board
EABEnhanced Access Barring (telecommunications)
EABEuropean Advisory Board (various organizations)
EABEmbedded Array Block(s)
EABEppley Administration Building (University of Nebraska at Omaha)
EABEsperanto Association of Britain (aka Esperanto-Asocio de Britio; UK)
EABEsperanto-Asocio de Britio (Esperanto: Esperanto Association of Britain; UK)
EABEmergency Air Breathing
EABÉcole d'Architecture de Bretagne (French: School of Architecture in Brittany)
EABEducation across Borders (Seattle, WA)
EABEnterprise Architecture Board (US NASA)
EABEntente Athlétique Bressane (French athletic club)
EABExaminations Appeals Board (UK education)
EABEastern Asia Commercial Bank
EABExternal Assessments Bureau
EABElective Abortion (also seen as EA)
EABEasy Access Button (keyboard programmable buttons)
EABEchelons Above Brigade
EABÉquipe Acro Beloeil (French: model airplane club; Belgium)
EABEndometrial ablation
EABÉlectricité Automobile Bobinage (French: Automotive Electrical Winding)
EABExclusion Area Boundary
EABEscaliers et Art du Bois (French: Stairs and Wood Art)
EABEntreprise des Associés du Bâtiment (French: Enterprise Associates Building)
EABÉglise Apostolique Belge (French: Belgian Apostolic Church; Belgium)
EABElectricity Advisory Board
EABExperience Account Balance (finance)
EABÉlectricité Automobile Béthunoise (French auto parts company)
EABEmergency Actions Book
EABEpic-Level Attack Bonus (Dungeons and Dragons game)
EABEcosystems Assessment Branch (US EPA)
EABExpeditionary Air Base
EABEstate Affairs Board
EABEuropean Association for Bioindustries
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- 8 Way power adjust passenger seat with Easy Access buttons
Navigating is also simple with a number of easy access buttons on the outside - from free see www.three.co.uk
Navigating around is also simple with a number of easy access buttons on the outside of the clamshell.
Among the consumer electronics elements of forthcoming Presario desktops are: backlit Easy Access buttons to launch applications or log on to the Internet; RCA jacks that connect a camcorder, VCR, TV or stereo speakers to selected desktops; and a home theater feature with Dolby Digital SurroundSound quality audio on two-speakers and MPEG-2 video playback on minitowers.