EATAEstonian Atlantic Treaty Association (est. 2001)
EATAEastern Athletic Trainers' Association (est. 1949; Lawrenceville, NJ)
EATAEuropean Association for the Treatment of Addiction (UK)
EATAEmployment and Training Association (Wisconsin)
EATAEuropean Automotive Telecom Alliance (EU)
EATAEuropean Asphalt Technology Association (UK)
EATAEuropean Association of Transactional Analysis
EATAEast Asian Tourism Association (now Asia Travel Marketing Association)
EATAEuropean Association of Turkish Academics
EATAEstate Agents Training Academy (South Africa)
EATAEnhanced AT Bus Attachment
EATAEuropean Aquarium & Terrarium Association
EATAEvergreen Art Therapy Association (Seattle, WA)
EATAÉquipe d'Appui Technique en Assaba (French: Technical Support Team in Assaba; Assaba, Mauritania)
EATAEstonian Association of Travel Agents (est. 1990)
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La actividad de algunos productores agropecuarios como docentes o directivos en la EATA puede explicar que frente a un problema similar experimentado en la escuela, altos costos de combustible, hayan desarrollado una solucion similar, producir biodiesel.
The starting-point for this story is some panels of late medieval stained glass in the east window of the parish church of St Eata at Atcham in Shropshire.
So, pack a healthy sarnie this summer, and turn back time as you eata Stone the crows
His legacy lived on with Cuthbert, who had been born into a noble Northumbrian family, inspired by a vision of Aidan which led him to enter the monastery at Melrose which had been founded by Eata, one of Aidan's pupils.
Perhaps when you have let a few days pass, you can speak to him calmly and seriously about this, and say it's important he defers to you when it comes to your son and what he has to eata.
By a 3-1 vote of the selectmen, the town took the higher premium, and EATA President Alan Williams said, "We think the taxpayers of Exeter have been damaged by the town not accepting the lowest quality bid by $16,000.
He and the abbot Eata transferred to the newly founded monastery of Ripon; but they were displaced by the founder, King Alhfrith, son of Oswiu, in favor of his young protege, Wilfrid.
But on one occasion he distinguishes between pestilentia and another illness, dysentery (dissenteria), setting down the prophecy of Boisil of Melrose that his abbot, Eata, would die of the latter and not the former.
Local Government is striving hard to ensure transparent induction via reputed testing agencies like NTS and EATA and 3501 positions of village and neighborhood secretaries have already been inducted through NTS.
En lengua inglesa, eate termino eata siendo sustituido por otros como futuring, future nudies, futures research, futurinics o futurics.
Whereas the EATA only operated Eastbound, the TAA only operated Westbound.
Hoy, eata gente del frio tiene un pie en sus tradiciones y otro en el mundo moderno: recibe las consecuencias direotas del cambio climatico y algunos de ellos se casan por conviccion, manejan motonetas, viajan, ven telenovelas, tienen Internet e incluso trabajan como empresarios.