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EDQÉcole de Danse de Québec (French: Dance School of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
EDQEconomic Development Quarterly
EDQExercise Dependence Questionnaire
EDQÉtablissement de Détention de Québec (French: Detention Facility in Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
EDQElectronic Documents Questionnaire (various companies)
EDQEnterprise Data Quality (software)
EDQEqual Daily Quantity (oil industry)
EDQEating Disorder Questionnaire
EDQElton Dean Quartet
EDQEquipment Design Qualification
EDQExtensor Digitorum Quinti
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The main instrument for the data collection was the Female Adolescent Students' Eating Disorder Questionnaire (FASEDQ) constructed by the researchers.
Perhaps an eating disorder questionnaire that is more gender neutral or one that employs different screening techniques for males would have produced results for the remaining EDI subscales that are more indicative of potential eating issues of men.
In addition, consistent with the hypothesis that disordered eating symptomatology is more prominent following exposure to slender media images (Posavac & Posavac, 2002), it was found that when analysing the eating disorder questionnaires, drive for thinness and body dissatisfaction increased significantly following exposure to thin model images.
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