EAWAEllsworth Amateur Wireless Association (Maine)
EAWAEurope, Africa and West Asia (Bearing Business Group; Colmar, France)
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The 1994 first Arabic print run of the book sold 60,000 copies, four times more than sales by the next best-selling author on the EAWA executive committee which expelled Salem.
While Egyptian authors list their main concerns as censorship, threats from Islamist fanatics and how to stop their works being republished without consent, in Beirut the EAWA executive, wastes members' funds on promoting radical activities like 'fighting Israel and the western crusaders' or blacklisting pro-peace writers.
Arriving on the back of a personal best in the St James's PalaceStakes,Born ToS eawas entitled to improve again with theaidoffirst-timeblinkers,and hisnewRPRof120isthesortof figure generally expected of an IrishDerbyrunner-up .